Mindfulness in Practice



Level: Easy
Maximum participants

If you close your eyes and observe your mind for a moment you will notice that most of the time, we think about something what already has happened (past) or something has not happened yet (future). And very rarely we become aware of the present moment. And present moment is where all the miracles of every day happen.

Mindfulness and meditation practices teach us how to train your brain to stay in a present moment for longer. During those 10 weeks we discuss practical application of some techniques to help you in your everyday life.

Cost of the 10-week course is £60. Drop ins £7.

Teens welcome (12-18), please ask before bringing your child to class. Parent + child £10 drop in, additional child £2.


*Although meditation is an amazing technique to be mindful every day, there are some contraindication due to existing mental health problems, so please check before attending.