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Centred Birth Circle



Level: Easy
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La Partera Private Maternity Services believe that the best start in life begins with a healthy pregnancy. We are two qualified and experienced midwives who work outside of the NHS and provide private midwifery care and antenatal education classes. Our ‘Centred Birth Circle’ provides an opportunity¬†to bring pregnant people with similar due dates together at certain points in their pregnancy to form a social support structure. The Circle is a safe space to share and compare with amongst expectant Mum’s with midwives on hand to answer any questions. Each session will focus on the clinical aspects of your care so far, including the theory behind them- complementing your NHS appointments where you may not have time for this discussion. The sessions end with some relaxation time to encourage bonding with the baby and send you away feeling refreshed, empowered with knowledge and ready for the next few weeks of pregnancy. We also offer monthly ‘Birth by Midwives’ sessions which are designed for birth givers and birth partners to explore what to expect in labour, what choices are available and tips on how to help labour progress as nature intended.