4orce Boxnation HIIT



Level: Difficult
Maximum participants

This HIIT training group session lasts 30 minutes and is designed to blast that body fat, lose weight and increase your metabolic rate.  You will be working at 100% effort through quick intense bursts of boxing, pad work, bag work, resistance and body weight exercise, followed by short and sometimes active recovery periods.  This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

  • Are you looking for a session that burns more calories in less time in our ever increasing busy lives?
  • Are you looking to drop a dress size in less time?
  • Improve and increase your metabolism
  • Burn that hard to shift body fat
  • Improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • Strengthen bones, ligaments and tendons
  • Most importantly get heart healthy and feel great
  • Improve your boxing technique and skill

Then 4orce Boxnation HIIT is the session for you!


To book, please contact John Howell on 07725 359843 or email john@studio4orce.co.uk