Yin Yoga



Level: Moderate
Maximum participants

A still, quiet practice, that offers relief from the stresses and strains of a fast paced busy lifestyle. Through long held, deeply releasing postures the muscles of the body relax allowing the work to begin on the deeper, ‘less elastic’ tissues of the body. As space is created within the body, tension is released from the tendons, ligaments and joints. Yin is the opposite of Yang – it is passive, feminine and reflective. It requires us to turn our attention inwards as each pose is held. Our awareness is given to the physical sensations within the body (whether pleasant or unpleasant), the feelings and emotions in the heart (whether positive or negative), and the thoughts as they flow through the mind.  Without adding anything to the experience, or taking anything away, we simply wait with present moment awareness. A willingness to surrender and allow the practice to unfold before us will bring many amazing benefits to both body and mind.

To book, please contact please contact Callie to book as spaces are limited:

Call me on 07917 891944 or email calliemeakinyoga@gmail.com