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Hatha yoga emerged from the 6th century C.E. onwards and was regarded as an essential preparation for Raja Yoga and meditation (The Yoga of Patanjali). The Hatha yoga system highlighted the need for body purification and mental stability before starting with meditation or higher practices.  To learn and practice meditation, we need to have physical health and stability. The mind can only be focused to experience higher states if the body is healthy and in harmony with the mind. This became the theme of Hatha Yoga and the cause of its popularity.

Hatha yoga is of tremendous value to our health on every level. Hatha yoga works by releasing tension from the body and mind. Our energy levels increase when we release tension. The yoga poses help stretch away physical tension and tone muscles, joints and the spine, which improves posture in general. Good posture prevents and eases backache, increases energy and boosts self-confidence. The yoga breathing exercises  known as pranayama quieten the mind, calm the emotions and through increased oxygen intake, nourish all of the cells in the body. Hatha yoga relaxation techniques known as nidra, and meditation practices, keep the mind sharp, improve awareness and encourage a happy and peaceful attitude towards life. Regular practice can result in a deep sense of inner security and strength.

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