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Welcome to STUDIO 4ORCE

Studio 4orce Personal Training is now delighted to offer you all your health, fitness and wellbeing goals and solutions under one roof with our highly trained experienced team.


All PT sessions are still very private for that personal touch and with fantastic new bespoke classes and therapies. You’ll be sure to get everything you need to make you feel amazing in our brand new wellness centre with two Personal Training studios, Mind & Body studio and two Therapy rooms. There is also a relaxation area, reception and private WC facilities.


So what are you waiting for – book in today and start your wellness journey…


  • Personal Training and Nutrition, 1-to-1 and group sessions
  • Exercise Referral Specialist for medical conditions
  • Yoga, Pilates, Thai-chi, Meditation, Relaxation
  • Kettlebox, Boxnation HIIT, HIIT, Rip-Core classes
  • Physiotherapy, Sports Massage
  • Holistic Therapy Treatments
  • Workshops and more…

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